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The Coordinated (NIMS) Incident Planner (CNIP) is offered in several different versions.
Emergency Operations Center (EOC); Field Incident Command (FIC); IronKey Portable (EOC or FIC);
and the recently released (LAN) Network version for larger Operations Centers.




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The Coordinated (NIMS) Incident Planner or (CNIP) assists first responders and management teams in the development of Incident Action Plans. This revolutionary new software enables city, state, and federal response organizations, to create multi-agency plans that effectively cut Incident Action Plan development and preparation times in half.

The (CNIP) Advantage: It replaces ad hoc templates and paper forms with a wizard-driven, user-friendly, network-capable Incident Action Plan development tool. The software encompasses all plan sections as required by (NIMS) the National Incident Management System, and as recognized by (ICS) the Incident Command System.

Additionally, (CNIP) standardizes all the requirements of an (IAP) as mandated by (NIMS). The Department of Homeland Security requires (NIMS), for all emergency responders as a condition of Homeland Security Presidential Directive Five.




  • Available in both (FIC and EOC) Versions
  • Military-grade hardware encryption
  • Rugged metal casing that protects against physical damage
  • Internal components are sealed to protect against tampering
  • Password management to protect your privacy
  • 10 to 20 times the average memory lifespan of a traditional flash drive




  • Same ease of use as the (FIC) version
  • Designed for use in an (EOC) Environment
  • Meets (NIMS) Compliancy Standards
  • Allows for Importation of Multiple Field (IAPs)
  • Identifyies Command Personel utilizing (EOC) Terminology
  • Enables End user to manager Multiple (IAPs)