About ESIS

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Fire Scene Simulator 6 helps firefighters develop and practice firefighting tactics by blending the real world with the virtual world. The software is the first computer program to allow users to import photos of local structures within their department’s jurisdiction and add animated fire and smoke to those structures – making the training experience as authentic as possible.

The newest version of the program is the first-ever computer networked fire simulation. Fire Scene Simulator now allows departments to create fire scenarios that can be used over existing computer networks. The in-firehouse training allows fire companies to stay in service while conducting training in an educational, department policy-driven, non-hazardous environment.

As imitators started to pop up, ESIS raised the stakes by offering its fire scene simulation training free of charge. To help ensure and enhance the safety training of all firefighters everywhere, ESIS wants every firefighter to have access to Fire Scene Simulator 6 – free of charge.

ESIS invites all professional and volunteer firefighters to download a complementary Fire Scene Simulator 6 program. Visit www.firesimulator.com for your personal and free copy.