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(CNIP) Networked Version - Now Available!

A networked version of the Coordinated (NIMS) Incident Planner is now available. This will allow multiple users within an internal (LAN) environment to update a single Incident Action Plan. The target audience for the recently released Network Version, is medium to large Emergency Operations Centers that house multiple workstations.

Fire Scene Simulator

Fire Scene Simulator helps firefighters develop and practice firefighting tactics by blending the real world with the virtual world. The software is the first computer program to allow users to import photos of local structures within their department’s jurisdiction and add animated fire and smoke to those structures – making the training experience as authentic as possible.

  • Import sound effects that can play inside your fire scenes.
  • import your own icons, symbols, pictures of rigs, etc. and place them into your fire scenes.
  • Create self running simulations showing any scene, in any order, at any stage you and any tempo that you choose.
  • Edit pictures already imported into the program.
  • Save and Play PowerPoint Presentations


Industrial Fire Plan

Industrial Fire Plan is a suite of unique tools that allow you to quickly create pre-fire and emergency response plans for your facility, incorporating the vital information that isn't always easily available to fire suppression personnel in the field.

The program incorporates several technologies from 3D and 2D simulation, to GIS mapping, to biometrics in order to produce the most complete emergency response plans available. The program then makes these available in a format that is easy to use and distribute.

  • Makes preplans easier to create.
  • Makes preplans easier to access in the field.
  • Makes preplans easier to update.
  • Edit pictures already imported into the program.
  • 3D and 2D fire simulators built in plume modeling.
  • Personnel accountability on the fire ground.
  • Personnel training records validation and management.